New Long Service Leave Scheme for the Security Industry

After 1 January 2013 security workers in the ACT will be able to keep accruing long service leave entitlements, even if they move between employers in the security industry, through a portable long service leave scheme.

Similar schemes already operate in the ACT for the building and construction, contract cleaning and community services industries. These allow a greater number of workers to be eligible for long service leave in circumstances where most workers move between employers as contracts change. The ACT Long Service Leave Authority (the Authority) will manage this scheme as well as those portable schemes already in place.

Security industry employers need to register with the Authority by 1 January 2013 if they are covered by this scheme. It applies to everyone with a business that provides one or more of the following licensed services (Services that require a license under s. 13(1)(a)-(h) of the Security Industry Act 2003 (ACT). Other services under section 13 that require a licence are not covered by the Scheme.)

  • patrol, guard, watch or protect property (including cash in transit);
  • guard with a firearm for cash in transit;
  • guard with a firearm for protecting property;
  • act as a monitoring centre operator;
  • guard with a dog;
  • act as a bodyguard;
  • act as a security consultant; or
  • act as a crowd controller.

When registering with the Authority you will need to also register your workers who are eligible to enter the scheme, provide quarterly reports to the Authority and keep certain records. The Scheme will be funded by a levy set at 1.47% of ordinary wages, and you will need to pay this levy each quarter.

If you have any questions about the administration of the scheme please contact the Authority on 02 6247 3900.


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