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ACT Long Service Leave Authority

The ACT Long Service Leave Authority currently administers portable long service leave schemes for the following industries under ACT Government legislation:

The schemes allow workers to move from employer to employer (and even service as a self-employed worker is accrued) without losing credit for time worked (service) in the covered industry.

What is Long Service Leave?

Long service leave is additional leave given to the employee who has worked in the same industry for 10 or more years.

Is Long Service Leave the same as superannuation?

There is no connection between Long Service Leave Scheme and the C+BUS Scheme, nor with Industry Redundance Schemes.

How does the Scheme Work?

The employer will record the service and wages for each employee and remit the Long Service Leave Levy to the Authority. When an employee has accumulated an entitlement they may make a claim and the Authority, each scheme has its own eligibility criteria please refer to the Industry you are registered under.

Construction Levy Increase

I wish to inform all employers and contractors that the Minister has decided to increase the employer levy for the Building and Construction Industry Portable Long Service Leave Scheme.

The former Minister, Dr Chris Bourke, advised in April 2012 that he intended to incrementally increase the levy. This increment will raise the levy to 2.5% of wages, commencing from 1 October 2013. This means that the first returns impacted by the new rate will be for the October to December quarter, lodged in January 2014.

The Minister recognises that the increase imposes an additional cost on business at a difficult time and wishes to assure you that he has not taken this decision lightly. However, this further increase is necessary to maintain sufficient assets within the Scheme to meet entitlement liabilities.

The current rate of 1.75% will apply for the July to September quarter that will be the subject of returns and payments to be lodged in October this year.

Click here for the official media release from the Minister’s office.